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Interior Design - Space Buccaneer Restaurant

A space theme restaurant. This is the reception area.

The theme of this restaurant is a combination of a spaceship and an alien planet. The client wants the restaurant to resemble scenes from the film Aliens. The restaurant is divided into several scenes inside of a spaceship, inside the buildings of a colony on an alien planet and an indoor patio decorated as the surface of a far distant planet.

This project pertains only to the waiting area, the dining and food preparation areas have been assigned to another design group. This project does includes the office and rest rooms. There will be a game room and a quieter waiting area that invokes the feel of the escape pods of a spacecraft on its lonely voyage to salvation. The requirements for the waiting areas are:

1) Entry/Reception;
2) A quiet seating area with partial dividers for privacy, 4 pods for 4 people each;
3) A video game area;
4) Rest rooms and public telephone;
5) Status (of wait time) boards visible from all waiting areas;
6) Handicap ramp to sunken dining area;
7) Theme decoration to study while waiting;
8) Accommodate 20 people;
9) Not to exceed 1200 square feet excluding the office and rest rooms.

The entry looks like the airlock of a space craft. The reception area resembles the cockpit of the craft. From here, travelers may wait in either the game area or in an escape pod in the escape pod bay. The expected remaining wait time for each group is displayed on digital status boards.

The color scheme of the restaurant is gray, metallic, and black with various accent colors on pipes and other details.

As guests approach the entry, they cross a loading ramp and see the cylinders and other geometric shapes of the exterior. The front doors are elliptical and like many parts of this restaurant, are custom build by Walt Disney Studios Molding Department. Once inside, guests check in at the reception/cashier console which resembles a cockpit. The floor is covered with custom silk screened masonite panels. The pattern is made to resemble a grill, but being flat and solid, will not cause injuries. The walls are covered with mirror finish Tambour and perforated metal sheet over black painted drywall. The ceiling is made of layers of perforated (large punched holes) metal, extruded aluminum, and various pipes, conduits and other shapes. The basic color of the ceiling detail area is black and gray with many bright accent colors on the pipes and details. Lighting will be placed for effect while also illuminating the space below. Many of the details will be surplus aircraft parts, unfamiliar to most people and fireproof. After checking in, guests are presented with two options for waiting, the video game room or the life pod bay.

The life pod bay is divided into 4 separate escape pods, positioned in such a way as not to separate a large group sitting in several pods, but isolated enough so that a small group has privacy. Except for the background sound of electronics and mechanics, this is a quiet place for visiting and conversation. Lighting levels are low and the decor is of mechanisms and the small flashing lights of the electronics that control the ship. The custom fabricated fiberglass seats may seem confining at first, but this is to convey the feel of an escape pod, basic but life saving. The floor, walls and ceiling are similar to the entry/reception area. Between the pods will be a screen constructed by laminating several layers of fluorescent egg crate diffusers and translucent textured diffuser.

The game room looks like the computer center of this great ship. This room is filled with the latest video games. The space widens in back allowing the larger games to be placed there and the smaller games toward the entry. The floor, walls and ceiling are similar to the entry/reception area. The background sounds of the ship are louder here and the lighting is more dynamic than that of the entry/reception area.

Once the wait is over, guests pass through a short air lock loading ramp to the spacecraft and planet surface parts of the restaurant. The dining area is about a foot below the waiting area with a ramp between (wheel chair access). The air lock is a short tunnel with sounds and disorienting flashing and strobing lights. The special effects light panels are custom built by Al Dadisman who is responsible for many electronic effects in Hollywood. The floor is the same as the previous area and the walls and ceiling are bent aluminum shapes.

A hall connects the waiting area to the telephone booth and rest rooms and then to the dining area to allow access to these facilities from either waiting or dining areas. This also provides access to the office for people with business there. The floor and walls are the same as the entry/reception area, however the ceiling area has fewer layers of detail. The telephone booth is basic with a few details included and lighting which is activated by a pressure plate on the floor.

The rest rooms have a silver vertical stripe wallpaper, keeping the theme of the other walls with out overpowering. The floor is of vinyl tile cut in half lengthwise and arranged in a grill pattern. A ceramic tile of tender gray color covers the counter tops. Adequate ventilation is provided.

The office is a retreat from the almost overwhelming detail and effects of the other areas of the restaurant. A few hours will be an exciting experience for guests, but employees may need to return to reality at times. For this reason the office, while maintaining the general gray color scheme, is lighter and softer. The floor is carpeted, the walls are wallpapered and paneled, and the ceiling is a white drop ceiling with florescent lighting. Two desks and comfortable chairs are provided. Floor molding is wood rather than the aluminum and vinyl covering elsewhere.

A conference room is provided above the waiting area which can be rented to local clubs for meetings. The spacecraft dining area is two levels. The floor and ceiling heights vary. The floor of the entry and waiting area is a foot above the dining areas. The ceiling of the waiting area and lower dining area are about the same height. The ceiling height of the upper dining area, the "outdoor" dining area and the second story conference room are the same. Depending on the floor height, this is about eight feet, twelve feet, or twenty-five feet. Detail and pseudo structure hang from most ceilings.

The exit will be back through the same reception area.

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