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Kesign Design Consulting - History and Mission Statement

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What is Kesign Design Consulting?
Artist/Mission Statement
Computer Programs
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What is Kesign Design Consulting?

Kesign Design Consulting started as Ken Larson Miniatures in 1980. As we shifted from miniature construction to scenery and Architectural design in the early 1990s, we saw a need to change the name and did so in 1994. Services now include Production Design, Art Direction, Set Design, Visual Effects Design, Interior Design, Theme Park and Theme Architecture Design, and a variety of Traditional and Computer Graphics and Web Design.

Facilities include both a design studio and a model shop. Our research collection includes over a thousand books, over 80 years of National Geographic magazines, numerous periodicals, CD-ROMs, tens of thousands of slides and photographs, an extensive collection of catalogs and samples, file cabinets of clippings, and access to the World Wide Web.

Artist/Mission Statement

Since I was about seven, I have been designing theme parks, film sets, zoos, worlds, and objects. I have never thought of myself as an artist, rather, I see myself as a designer. I see art as something visually pleasing alone, or visually not pleasing, depending on the intent of the artist. I have always designed for usefulness. To me, an object that is made to be used must function well first and then be visually appealing. Too often I have seen buildings that are praised for their design but do not enclose a space effectively or have structural problems. I have seen beautiful houses that I would not want for a home. I have used tools or other objects and wondered why the controls are so hard to reach. I want to design useful environments that also happen to be exciting places to experience.

I feel that my imagination is what makes me a good designer. I am not referring to imagining a good design, instead, I am referring to imagining myself using the object, living in the house, riding the theme park attraction. By so doing, I mentally encounter and solve problems before resources are committed. As a professional model builder for eighteen years, this imagining of a situation has saved me countless hours and materials by anticipating a problem and solving it before using time and materials to pursue a dead end. By the time I start construction, most of the problems are expected and resolved and the model seems to fall together.

My fantasy is to build a theme park that would be a cross between Disneyland with its perfectly choreographed story that the visitor passively enjoys and Delos (the overall complex in the movie Westworld) with its "spare no expense" attitude to making a believable interactive experience. I would like to build a theme park in which the visitors interact with the characters, both audio-animatronics and carbon based. It would recreate worlds, past, present, future, and imaginary, to the finest movie set-like detail. I believe that if theme parks don't become more interactive, they will loose out to Virtual Reality, why hassle with packing and traveling if you can insert a new disk. I would like to put over thirty years of film and theme park experience and endless hours of education to use in designing the best interactive experience on Earth. If I can't build the best theme park on earth, I'll be happy to build the first theme park on the moon.

Computer Programs:

DOS and Windows 3.1 to 2000, XP and Macintosh.

Expert with AutoCAD since 1991. Release 10 through current. including AutoCAD © and AutoCAD Architectural Desktop.

Also experience with Photoshop 7, Illustrator 10, 3D Studio Max R4, 3D Studio Viz R4, Corel Draw 10, Poser 4, Virtus ConceptCAD, MiniCAD/VectorWorks 10, and other design related applications.

Computers and 36" plotter standing by. Own over a dozen major CAD and graphics programs. All software is licensed.


Position: Art Director, Set Designer, Interior Designer, Computer Drafting, Computer Modeling and Rendering, Computer Graphics, Walk-through and Animation, Web Site Design.

Experience: Began working in Visual Effects in 1978 as Model Maker on Buck Rogers. Has remained involved in Visual Effects for over two decades, recently working as Visual Effects Set Designer of Batman and Robin and Shrek. Projects include motion picture, television, commercials, theme park, Interior Design, and Architecture. Began working with computer graphics in 1991. Member I.A.T.S.E. Locals 847, 839, & 44.

Technical Skills: Design. Drafting - traditional (by hand) and CAD. Excellent spatial perception. Experience working with Visual Effects and miniatures. Computer Specialist classification in Local #847.

Education: California State University
Northridge, California
MAJOR: Art - Interior Design
DEGREE: Bachelor of Arts
HONORS: Dean's List
CLASSES: Interior Design, Art History, Furniture Design.

California State Polytechnic
University, Pomona, California
(1976-1978 and 1994)
MAJOR: Urban Planning
TIME: Two years
CLASSES: Town Square - Chino, Redevelopment, Planning, Transportation.

Pierce College
Woodlands Hills, California
MAJOR: Architecture
DEGREE: Associate of Arts
CLASSES: Drafting, Rendering.

Additional Training: Digital Media Exchange
Los Angeles, California
CLASSES: Computer classes: Photoshop, Illustrator, form-Z, Web Design, VectorWorks.

Learning Tree University
Chatsworth, California
CLASSES: Interior Design, computer skills, Production Design, Photography, Rendering, Drawing, Story Boards.

UCLA Extension
Universal City, California
CLASS: Set Design, Production Design, Art Direction.

Hollywood Hands-on
North Hollywood, California
CLASSES: Over a dozen classes in various computer graphics programs, including Photoshop, Virtus, 3D studio.

West Valley Occupation center
Woodland Hills, California
CLASSES: AutoCAD - 6 semesters/600 hours; 2 semesters of Comercial Photography.

Art center of Design
Pasadena, California
CLASS: Introduction to Environmental Design.

CSUN Extension
Northridge, California

Others: CLASS: A variety of one day seminars, classes at the museum where I volunteer, Contract Services training in Set Design and in Special Effects, photography and ceramics at an adult school. Extension classes. I have been taking classes almost continuously since 1990.

Resources: I own a large design research library. In addition to hundreds of books on art, architecture and design from many parts of the world and time periods, I also have a large collection of magazines. I own over 80 years of National Geographics and all issues on CD-ROM. I also have available CD-ROMs on many subjects.

Personal: I was born in the Media District of Burbank, California. I'm a "Valley Boy," but try not to act like it.

I have been a volunteer since 1989 at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County, since 1990 at the George C. Page Museum of La Brea Discoveries, and started volunteering at the William S. Hart Museum in 1999. Duties include, or have included, Information, Membership, Registrar, Historian, Photographer, Audio video, Editor of News Letter, maps and graphics. I have received several recognition awards.

For a time, I was also a Citizen advisor, California Museum of Science and Industry Exposition Park Master Plan. Participated in meetings and wrote opinions. I've also attend community meetings on the renovation of the Griffith Park Observatory. I recycle.

Among these, I find time to be active in the American Institute of Architects - Interior Committee, Interior Design Society, and Hollywood Digital Forum.

Hobbies include (when I can find time): model making, photography, reading, cooking, home improvement, furniture design abd building, gardening, various fine arts and crafts, careing for my pets


Updated: April 30, 2003
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2 current Interior Desing projects
Sexy Hair Concepts
Rendering for Suzanne Furst Interiors, 2003
Star Trek Desk
P. B. X., 2003
The Spaces, 2003
The Polar Express, 2003
I Spy, 2002
Casella patio, 2002
Pole Home, 2002
C.S.I., 2000-2002
Dinner with Kip, 2002
Play Houses, 2001
Various Architectural Projects for TDM Architects, 2001
Various Interior Design Projects for Nancy Lerner Interiors, 2001
Titus, 2001
Secret Disguise (American Pie 2), 2001
The Last Castle, 2001
That's My Bush (original title, Family First)
Collateral Damage, 2000
Dog Days, 2000
Assistance League of Southern California Design House, 2000, 2000
House Beautiful/Art Directors Guild Hollywood Bungalow Project, 2000
Gabrielle, 2000
Convention Booths, 2000
The Continuing Adventures of Kid Dynamo, 1999
Theatres, 1998-1999
Freak Boy, 1999
X-Files, 1998
Shrek, 1997-1998
Alien Empire, 1997
Pretender, 1997
The Pentagon Wars, 1997
Cracker, 1997
Ramayan, 1997
Batman and Robin, 1996-1997
Absolut Versace, 1997
Contact, 1996
Independence Day, 1995-1996
Indiana Boomtown Casino, 1995
Batman Forever, 1995
Various while at Disney Molding, 1991-1994
Video game for Star Games, 1994
Outbreak, 1994
Various engineering, display, aerospace, architectural for Design Models Incorporated, 1981-1993
Attack of the Fifty Foot Woman, 1993
Tall Tale, 1993
Adams Family II, 1993
Lucky Goldstar, 1992
Acura Commercial, 1992 - Video Clip
Toys, 1992
Batman Returns, 1991
Honey, I Blew Up the Kid, 1991 - Video Clip
Another 48 Hours, 1991
City of the Future 2110-Gas Science center, 1991
Die Hard II, 1991
Various projects at Walt Disney Imagineering, 1990
The Doctor, 1990
Mini Plants, 1990
Various aerospace models for Tom Taylor, 1982-1990
Solar Crisis, 1989-1990
Buried Alive, 1989 - Video Clip 1 - Video Clip 2
Tales from the Crypt, 1989
The Hunt for Red October, 1989
Various Television shows and Features in the Universal Prop Shop: Knight Rider, Air Wolf, Murder She Wrote, Amazing Stories, many others, 1984-1989
Abyss, 1989
Various Television shows in the Paramount Studios Prop Shop: Cheers; Happy Days, 1983-1989
Anderson Group Commercial, 1988
Isuzu Commercial, 1988
The Owl, 1988
Switched at Birth, 1988
Star Trek: The Next Generation, 1987
Various Television shows in the Lorrimar Studios Special Effects Department: Max Headroom, Valerie; Perfect Strangers; Dallas , 1987
Batteries Not Included, 198?
The Beast, 1987
Child's Play, 1987
Space Balls, 198?
Karate Kid II, 1986
McDonalds Commercial, 1987
2010, Odyssey Two, 1984
Red Dawn, 1983
Baby, 1983
Star Trek III - Search for Spock, 1983
Horizons-Choose Your Tomorrow (EPCOT), 1983
Playtex Commercial, 1983
Splash, 1983 - Video Clip
High Frontier, 1982
American Motors, 1982
Communicore (EPCOT)
(1982Jovan Dial-A-Tan Commercial, 1981
Tomy Toys Commercial, 1981
Sasson Jeans Commercial, 1981
Flying Tigers Commercial, 1981
Beast Master, 1981
Pacific Northwest Yellow Commercial, 1981
One from the Heart, 1981
Safari Rally, 1981
Body Heat, 1980
Buck Rogers in the 25th Century, 1979-1980
Exxon/Esso Gas Station, 1980
Galactica 1980, 1980
Roadie, 1980
Battlestar Galactica,1979-80
Cheach and Chong's Next Movie 1979
Airport '79, 1979
Buck Rogers in the 25th Century, 1979

Full credits:
Updated: April 30, 2003
Download in MS Word v9, Windows
Download in WordPerfect v10, Windows
Download in AppleWorks (Updated: April 18, 2002)

Position on Piracy

I think my feeling is about the same as everyone else in the business. If the public finds a way to get their entertainment without the producers receiving any money to compensate them for their expenses, they simply would be able to justify sending money to produce new properties.

The industry is suffering all sorts of financial problems. Exchange rates make other countries less costly. Subsidies paid by other countries lure productions away. Piracy may well be the last straw and destroy the motion picture industry in this country. I think we all want the motion picture industry to stay here and piracy doesn't help.

How it effects my craft. If the producer can't make a profit on products, they won't hire me or any one else to help make them.

Web Design

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