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Production Design & Art Direction

Kenneth A. Larson has served as Production Designer and Art Director on several student films and short films. Also several features that didn't reach production. I particularly enjoy working as Production Designer/ Art Director on student films and small films where I am the entire Art Department. It is not unusual for me, with only some assistance, to design and build every set, prop, graphic, and Special Effect. Since I can do it all, it is nice to stay in practice now that I have shifted primarily to design. With a strong background in Visual Effects, Ken has Art Directed some model work.

(NOTE: I am not Kenneth Mark Larson, who I have been confused with several times. He is a nice guy, but I am a different nice guy. I recently met him for the first time, working in the Warner Brothers Art Department, on different shows, it made for confusion. )

Art Direction for Visual Effects.
Member Visual Effects Society.
VFX Society

Note: These drawings are presented here for portfolio purposes only. These drawings are not available for sale or to be given away in hard copy or digitally in any scale. I will be happy to show hard-copy during a legitimate job interview.
Dinner with Kip
Dinner with Kip, 2002. An independent short film, my second film for Director Chris Schwartz.
Image pending
Current Project: Untitled Christmas Feature. Status: Pre-production.

Gabrielle, 2000. Director Stephanie Jones.
The Continuing Adventures of Kid Dynamo
Durable sets - unless they are break-away. The Continuing Adventures of Kid Dynamo, An independent short film, Chris Schwartz: Director.
Freak Boy
After a month of preparation, this student film, Freak Boy, was canceled the day before we began shooting. All I have to show is paperwork.
Temple set. Sample for Ramayan. 1994.

Generic Hospital
Generic Hospital, 1998.

On the Run
On the Run, 1996, AutoCAD © R12.

Alien Empire
Tomy Toys
Establishing shot for Tomy Toys commercial. Click for more Visual Effects.

Alien Empire, Safe house. Bird's eye view
made in AutoCAD.

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