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The Spaces

Pencil, 2003

I worked on this television pilot for one 40-hour week. It is a comedy that takes place on a space station about one hundred years from now. We deliberately made it look not like Star Trek. These drawings were produced for bidding purposes. We knew that we wouldn't finish the entire package and would be brought back in a few months to finish when the production was ready. I came to work the fifth and last day intending to finish the details. When the Art Director, Jim Dultz, arrived, he informed me that he had redesigned the living room set during the night and I spent the last day drawing the new living room from scratch. I worked on pencil drawings.

During this one week, Ken produced the following drawings:

Living room plan - Version 1.
Living room elevations - Version 1.
Living room plan. This second version of the set, including plans and elevations, was done the last day.
Living room elevations - Version 2.
Chloe's Room - Redressed as Jeff's Room
Diner and Concourse, plan.
Diner and Concourse, exterior elevatins.
Diner and Concourse, interior elevatins.
Diner and Concourse, door details.
Diner and Concourse, dor details.
Conference Room, plan, elevations, details.

Images are in the password protected area.

Note: These drawings are presented here for portfolio purposes only. These drawings are not available for sale or to be given away in hard copy or digitally in any scale. I will be happy to show hard-copy during a legitimate job interview for Set Designer.

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