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Associate Member of Interior Design Society - Tri Valley chapter.

Kenneth Larson and Kesign Design Consulting works primarily in the Los Angeles area with emphasis on the San Fernando Valley, Simi Valley, Conejo Velley, Santa Clarita Valley, North West San Gabriel Valley, east Ventura Country, and northern Los Angeles Basin including Hollywood and the West Side.

Free one hour design consultation for Interior Design.

Support Services to other Interior Designers.

Kesign Design Consulting and Kenneth Larson provides both Interior Design services to the public as well as drafting, rendering, and modeling services to other Interior Designers, working in both traditional and computer aided techniques.
Computer Drafting
Traditional Drafting
Computer Modeling
Traditional Modeling
Computer Rendering
Traditional Rendering
Walk-Through & Fly Over Animation
Computer Graphics

Furniture Design Furniture Design

Art for Interiors. I am producing photo art and other art for Interior Design. Mission Photo Art

Interior Design experience includes several small restaurants, residences, theaters, and furniture.

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William's Home

Current Project. Futuristic Home Remodel.
Interior Designer Suzzan Schmidt
Computer drafting for Interior Designer Suzzan Schmidt. AutoCAD © 2004, 2004.
No job too small. These above and below four jobs, along with several others, are small drafting jobs assisting other Interior Designers.
Full Circle Interior Design
Computer drafting for Full Circle Interior Design. AutoCAD © 2004, 2004.
Interior Designer Sica
Computer drafting for Interior Designer Nichol Seca. AutoCAD © 2002, 2003.
Design House, 2004
Design House, 2004. Marker and pencil rendering. 2004.
Star Trek Desk
This desk was designed for a Star Trek fan to incorporate three back-lit display panels from Star Trek that he bought at auction. 2003.
As-Built Room As-Built Room
This computer model was created to assist in the interior design of a new interior for this existing attic space.
Patio Cover
A small patio cover that became involved because it was part of a condominium.

Wedding Reception
Budget Wedding Reception, AutoCAD Architectural Desktop © R3.3. 2002. We also produced table centerpieces and graphics.
Set Designers Party
Set Designers 50th Anniversary Party, Autry Museum, Plaza. AutoCAD Architectural Desktop © R3.3. 2002.

Pole House - Floor 1
Pole House remodel, floor 1. AutoCAD Architectural Desktop © R3.3. 2002.
Pole House - Floor 2
Pole House remodel, floor 2. AutoCAD Architectural Desktop © R3.3. 2002.

This is one of six sheets of a kitchen remodel for Interior Designer Nancy Lerner. AutoCAD ©, 2000.

Living Room
Marker rendering of a living room. I designed this interior space for a film set, but it could have been a real home.
3D of one of many theater interiors while working with R. F. McCann & Co.

Rat Cellar
Rat Cellar "Hang Out" for CSUN Student Union. One of two Interior Design options for the space.Pencil.
Enchanted Grotto
Enchanted Grotto "Hang Out" for CSUN Student Union. Alternate of two Interior Design options for the space. Pencil.

Photographic Expose'
Museum exhibit, Photographic Expose'. Pen and ink.
Children's Museum
Interior Design for a Children's Museum for Chino, California. AutoCAD © R12.
Interior Design for a low budget study space for the Vaugn Family Center, furniture/dividers. 1994.

Play Structure
Vaugn Family Center, childrens play structure from inexpensive cardboard forms. 1994.

Storage Cabinet
We design and build custom furniture for Interior Designers.
Space Buccaneer Restaurant
Space Buccaneer Restaurant. Part of a space themed restaurant.
Lighting Design
Lighting design project. AutoCAD © R14. 1997

Before After
Before and after Interior Designs for one small house.

Voice: 1-818-368-6994
Free one-hour design consultation on Interior Design projects. No job too small.

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