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Space Sequence

I didn't work much on the Space sequence. I started making all the large parts and turnings on a machine lathe. Then we had to wait for the neon tubes to be made before assembling. By the time the neon tubes were ready, I had moved on to the Desert model and Dave Heilman completed the assembly and detailing. The fly-by included a satellite and a asteroid mine.
Space Station
Space Station on stage.
Space Station
Space Station on stage.

Space Station Interior

Some of these same models were also used for various process shots for out-the-window backgrounds. For one such background, we had to construct a dedicated interior model of the space station. This was an 8 foot diameter ball with all the detail on the inside. We built hundreds of houses, vehicles, boats, harvesters, travel tubes with chaser lights. Because the sphere would rotate to simulate gravity, there was a continuous linear lake about the inside of the equator with boats. I left just before completing this model and have no photos.

Video Clip 1 - Video Clip 2 - Video Clip 3

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