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Interior Design - Enchanted Grotto "Hang Out" for CSUN Student Union

Enchanted Grotto

This is an existing space with a stage area, an equipped kitchen area (currently walled off), nine foot ceilings, no windows, and two entry locations. Because of the low ceilings and low light levels, colors will tend to be bright. The total useable space is not large and it will be an economic decision by the client as to whether it is economical to operate the kitchen. The goal is to add areas in which to eat and to site. Because of the length of the room, the end farthest from the stage does not afford a good view of the stage and will be the quiet corner of the space.

There is a food preparation area existing behind a temporary wall. This wall will be removed and a cafeteria line added. The food provided will be for light eating. Various types of salads, green to pasta, will be available along with beverages, munchies, and deserts. There will be little or no cooking , frying, or backing. A microwave will be provided in case someone wants warm potato salad. A half wall will separate the cafeteria line from the dining area.

Just inside the east door, a bulletin kiosk will provide space for posting fliers, advertisements, announcements of events on campus. This kiosk will be lit with track lights.

The walls will provide a smooth off white surface to provide a space to hang student art, wall murals, stage scenery, etc. Neon light sculptures will hang on the walls. Track lights will be placed along some of the walls. The ceiling will be black. Three existing columns will have an eighteen inch high skirt four feet from the columns surrounding them. The columns and skirt will be covered with heavily aged paneling or cypress. Hanging plants will soften the look of these columns. Plants will also be distributed throughout. Proper lighting will be provided for the health of these plants. Various water sculptures near these columns and throughout the space will provide a soothing sound and enhance the grotto effect that the space suggests. CSUN students may produce these water sculptures.

The sitting area will consist of sofas, tables and a water feature. The sofas will be upholstered with the same fabric used elsewhere in the space.

The new lighting will be of the same manufacturer and model as the existing. The space at the northeast corner will be extended and enclosed with access through a dour foot opening. This is the informal meeting room, a more private space, but open to anyone without reservations, as long as its not already in use. The existing fire extinguisher in that space will be moved to the outside of the extension wall that encloses that space. The former location of the fire extinguisher will be finished off and used to frame an art work.

The dining area seats 76 people, the sitting area seats 26, for a total of 102 occupants, the allowed occupancy of the space is about 180 people.

This is an area in which student can escape from the frantic pace of the university. In keeping with this, faculty will only be allowed in if accompanied by students.


Reflected ceiling plan
Reflected ceiling plan.


Material Board
Material board.

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