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Traditional and Computer Aided Design and Graphics
Los Angeles, California, USA, Terra, Solar System Sol, Milky Way Galaxy, Local Group, Virgo Super Cluster, Local Universe

Computer Drafting

Computer aided and/or traditional drafting. No drafting job too small.

Began using AutoCAD© in 1991 using Release 10. Currently using AutoCAD© 2002 and AutoCAD© Architectural Desk Top Release 3.3. Also use 3D Studio Viz R3. Some experience with Vectorworks V10.0, Virtus ConceptCAD. Can even use a pencil.

Computer Aided Set Designs

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The Polar Express
Borg Encounter
I Spy
Dog Days
Alien Empire
Pentagon Wars
Batman and Robin
Absolut Versace
On the Run
Lucky Goldstar

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Why CAD? Why you should want to use Computer Aided Design

Teaching AutoCAD AutoCAD © Instruction

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Note: These drawings are presented here for portfolio purposes only. These drawings are not available for sale or to be given away in hard copy or digitally in any scale. I will be happy to show hard-copy during a legitimate job interview.

Elevation A
Trade Show Display - Hair Products Company. Elevation A showing displays, hardwall, and shelves. AutoCAD 3.3 ©. 2003

A simple computer drafting project (Left) redrawing from an old copy for display with the actual object (Right). AutoCAD © 2003.

Patio Cover
A small patio cover that became involved because it was part of a condominium.

Wedding Reception
Wedding Reception, AutoCAD Architectural Desktop © R3.3. 2002

Set Designers Party
Set Designers 50th Anniversary Party, Autry Museum, Plaza. AutoCAD Architectural Desktop © R3.3. 2002

Pole House - Floor 1
Pole House remodel, floor 1. AutoCAD Architectural Desktop © R3.3. 2002
Pole House - Floor 2
Pole House remodel, floor 2. AutoCAD Architectural Desktop © R3.3. 2002
This project was of a large home with only two usable bedrooms. We added several more bedrooms and also made the general plan more usable.

Play House
The first of several play house drawings for Valerie Roberts - Interior Designer. AutoCAD© Architectural Desktop R2, 2001.

In May and June, 2001, I filled in drafting for a vacationing employee for a month at TDM Architects, Inc. It was a short but rewarding experience. Drawings tended to be of a sensitive nature and can not be shown here.

Assistance League of Southern California Design House,
2000. Drawing in AutoCAD© Architectural Desktop R2 for P. M. Designs.

This is one of six sheets of a kitchen remodel for Interior Designer Nancy Lerner. AutoCAD ©, 2000

El Portal Theater
El Portal Theater remodel. Roof plan. For R. F. McCann and Company.

Museum Map
I volunteer at three Los Angeles County Museums for which I make maps and
other graphic. In the past, I edited one of the news letters using many computer skills.

Hancock Park
I volunteer at three Los Angeles County Museums for which I make maps and other graphic. In the past, I edited one of the news letters using many computer skills.

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