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Interior Design - Redevelopment Chino, California

A city block in the business district was to become a new city park. The only structure they wanted to keep was the old bank building which was to be converted into a Children's Museum. This is our entry into the design competition. 1994
The last time I visited Chino, little had changed except most of the stores had closed, including the hardware store located in the old bank building and the adjacent space which I also proposed reusing the facade.

Note: These drawings are presented here for portfolio purposes only. These drawings are not available for sale or to be given away in hard copy or digitally in any scale. I will be happy to show hard-copy during a legitimate job interview for Set Designer.

Children's Museum
Plan, elevations, details.


Freeform design of Chino Town Square with water feature, pavilion, and Children's Museum

A request was made to maintain a grid pattern. My pattern is a loose grid made up of both straight and curved elements. This produces a natural feel, similar to the look of the area before the City of Chino existed. The plan provides a number of options for visitors as to where to walk or sit or otherwise enjoy the space.

I have eliminated one parking space from each corner of the square to provide a larger entry to the square. There is some concern that the surrounding parking will tend to isolate the square. The loss of four spaces should not be a significant hinderance in exchange for the benefits of making the entrances more pronounced. Simulated cobblestone paving will be located at the six crosswalks and intersections leading into the square. This will have the effect of making the crosswalks more apparent to motorists and slow their crossing. These pavings will also help to unify the square to the commercial; sidewalks across the streets.

A water feature is located toward the northwest corner. This will include ponds, water falls, water sculptures, and if funding exists, a choreographed dancing fountain. Tables and chairs will be provided for the lunch crowd. When the platform is used as a performance area, the tables and chairs will be redistributed to the viewing areas. The area immediately to the west will have denser plantings to act as both a sound baffle and shade. The water feature is located in such a way as to face both performers and audience away from the late afternoon sun. The water feature is located at the north end of the square, visible through the opening opposite to the city hall. This will draw people into the square and direct the viewers toward the north.

A pavilion was requested in the center of the square. I felt that while a pavilion in the square was a desirable feature, the center of the square should be open. I located the pavilion at the north end of the square to draw Civic Center employees toward the water feature at the northwest corner. The pavilion would provide food and perhaps a small shop within the borders of the square. The food could then be enjoyed only a few steps away. The pavilion could be used for a gallery of local arts and crafts and may tie to the Children's Museum at the other end of the square.

Space will be provided for vender carts. Many communities are changing policies to encourage independent business working from carts. These vendors would pay a fee to work in the Town Square.

A newsstand is located at the southeast corner, close the City Hall. This is also in keeping with the information theme of the southern end of the square.

The new street to the east can be closed for the purpose of holding a Farmer's Market. Trucks would park in the parking spaces with stands adjacent. Space is also available for stands in the south half of the square.

There is a space allocated to a landmark. The actual subject and design will be open to a competition.


The existing bank building is not ideally located, but my plan provides a link from the bank building to both the square and to the streets. I envision a Children's Museum in the existing building with an added entry foyer featuring the work of local adult or child artists. The foyer will provide access to the museum from the interior of the square while the original doors to the bank building will provide access from the street. The added foyer structure will be joined to the existing structure by the retention of an existing opening between the bank and the hardware store. The north facade of the hardware store will be retained or reproduced. This facade is about eight feet lower than the bank and will provide a softening effect to the otherwise sharp drop at this edge of the bank building. The roof of the foyer is diffused glass with a northern exposure to provide a soft natural light to illuminate the artwork below. The north and east exterior walls of the bank building will be covered with murals promoting the educational value of the museum. Within the museum, which is quite high, a freestanding structure will provide administrative space above while also providing a theater space below.

Except for the cobblestone crosswalks, the street surface is traditional asphalt. Most of the hard surface of the Town Square is textured concrete.

Plantings around the museum will be of drought tolerant native plants (xeriscapes) providing an educational tie-in with the museum.

There will be a lawn in the northern half of the square on which to eat lunch, enjoy the entertainment on the stage, or play Frisbee ® during work breaks. Trees will be a mix of deciduous and evergreen with an emphasis on native species.

Street furniture, benches, lights, trash receptacles, etc. will be similar to those at the Community Theater. An adequate number of tables and chairs will be provided for playing Chess or Checkers and for eating the food provided in and around the square. The food concessionaires in the park will be responsible for securing the tables and chairs at night and the maintenance of the tables and chairs will be financed with the revalues from the lease of space to the concessionaires.

The north end of the block to the east will have a more formal progression of plantings, water, and street furniture leading to the Grey Building which I envision as an Historical Society Museum.

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